Tony Facchino (Vocals)

Tony Facchino - Tony was born in Newark and grew up in Belleville. He started playing guitar and singing in grammar school. He was in a couple of bands and in February of 1971 he won a trophy for the best lead vocalist at the Battle of the Bands in Essex Catholic High School. Later that year he met Joe Cap at Newark College of Engineering. They became friends and did some singing together for fun. They remained friends through the years and although Tony hasn’t performed since the mid 70’s, he never lost his love of music. Tony says “I was surprised and excited when Park Avenue asked me to sing with the band." "It is and honor and a privilege to perform with such talented singers and musicians!”

Park Avenue is pleased to have Tony aboard as he is adding his own individual style to the band's vocal harmonies. Tony also has a flair for Latin music as well as dance and pop music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. He also is wonderful to work with and loves to rehearse as much as we all do. We are very lucky to have Tony Facchino as an integral part of the Park Avenue crew.